Amani Kildea’s body was found hanging in Lewis Morris Park over the weekend, and that is raising a lot of questions. Reports say Amani Kildea took his own life.

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed its suicide finding in a statement Wednesday aimed at quieting public speculation,. This comes amidst national concerns that hangings of black or Hispanic men in California, Texas, and New York could signal a white supremacist backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement. All these deaths have been ruled as suicides.

“The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office ordinarily does not issue public
statements on active investigations. However, given the fact that unsubstantiated statements have circulated on social media, there exists a need to provide more information to the public at this time”; said Prosecutor Fredric Knapp. He then concluded; There is no cause to believe there is any criminality involved. The Morris County Medical Examiner has determined the manner of death as a suicide.”

Amani Kildea

In an online tribute to Amani Kildea, his father Rev. Tom Kildea said; “Everyone who met him, who knew him, young and old, admired him and loved him. He doubted that, but we knew it to be true”.

With all the recent deaths; especially of this kind, do you think its all a coincidence or not?