A student from Georgia -18-year-old Rawlin Lee Tate Jr., has made history as the first Black male valedictorian in his high school. In addition, he has secured $1.3 million in college scholarships.

In a now-viral tweet, the student shared his list of academic accomplishments which included having a 4.7 GPA, being the top of the class for 7 years, and being a Georgia scholar. Subsequently, he also took 21 AP courses and he never got any grade lower than 98.

The Georgia student has been accepted into 14 colleges including; Ohio State, Florida A&M University, Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Howard, Rose Hulman, Hampton, University of Georgia, North Carolina A&T, Tuskegee, to mention a few. Of all these schools, Tate has decided to go to North Carolina A&T, where he will pursue a degree in mechanical engineering in full academic scholarship.

Aside from his academic achievements, Tate also excels in extracurricular activities and clubs. He has played two varsity sports and become inducted into seven national honor societies. He was a part of the school band and in addition; a pianist and a rapper.


He credits his success to God and his ability to stay focused. He says; “My advice to others is to always stay humble and do your best, and don’t get preoccupied with competing.” 

Another Black student portraying excellence; We are here for it!