San Antonio Area African American Community Fund (SAAAACF) )is concerned with pursuing equity and social impact in the African American Community by funding causes addressing the long-term economic, justice, social, education, and health challenges.

Since 2008, the San Antonio Area African American Community Fund has been addressing the social and disparities of African Americans in the San Antonio area. They have so far worked tirelessly to promote and advocate for financial philanthropy to enhance the quality of living of the African American community in the San Antonio Area.

They have helped through grants we provide funding for nonprofit impactful programs, provide professionals opportunity to meet and give back to the community. They also offer support to businesses and nonprofits with legal, financial, organization need and financial support to African American Owned Businesses.

Grants Awarded To Business Owners by the SAAAACF

Between 2010 and now, SAAAACF has distributed more than $150,000 to charitable programs helping African Americans reach their full potential and established loans of $60,000 to African American Owned Businesses. The fund is pleased to announce a Social Justice fund providing legal and other services for bail Issues, excessive Force Issues, Racial Discrimination in Employment, Housing or Public Accommodations, and Voting Rights.