Kalia Love Jones is an ambitious 13-year old animated filmmaker who wants to empower others. Her first animated short film, The Power of Hope, inspired by a Michelle Obama speech, tells the inspirational story of a young woman with big dreams. An aspiring architect feels helpless when her mother falls ill, but moved by the words of Michelle Obama, she finds the will to persevere and bring her dreams to life.

No stranger to hard work and commitment, Kalia divides her time between school, filmmaking, piano lessons, gymnastics, and district honor’s band first chair flute. Kalia is an 8-year gymnast who trained with former U.S. Olympian Chris Whaler at his gym in Los Angeles County. Devoted to her passion as a filmmaker, she is making a positive difference in the world by inspiring young women to pursue their filmmaking dreams.

 With her motivation and strong support from her family, Kalia launched her first captivating production, The Power of Hope. She even co-wrote the film’s song and funded most of the project on her own by recycling and working odd jobs for her family and friends. Kalia is not afraid to take risks with her films to deliver powerful messages that prove anyone can push through obstacles in life and reach their goals, as eloquently stated by Former First Lady Michelle Obama in her speech.

Animation by Kalia Love Jones

This may be the beginning of Kalia’s career, but she is undoubtedly already showing young women that they can achieve greatness through hope and believing in themselves.