Louisville, KY is on high alert as a Grand Jury brought no charges on the police officers directly related to Breonna Taylor’s death. In a decision that has many frustrated, but could be expected, the Grand Jury only brought charges against  Brett Hankison for wanton endangerment. Hankison did not face any direct charges for the shooting of Breonna Taylor, but for firing his gun into a neighboring apartment. As a result, the cops involved in the shooting were not charged for actually shooting Breonna Taylor.

Brett Hankison was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree — for firing recklessly and without due regard for life. His bail has been set at $15,000. Wanton endangerment carries a maximum penalty of 5 years if convicted.

In a statement, the Attorney General, Daniel Cameron stated that the shooting was “Gut Renching” He also stated that mob justice is no Justice at all.