A Black entrepreneur whose name is James A. Samuel, Jr., has developed a new app to help save Black lives.

ANJEL tech

ANJEL Tech – An app that allows users to immediately begin live streaming and transmitting footage to family members when they are in any type of dangerous situation. The app, developed by a DC-based Black-owned company, came at the perfect time. We say so because of the recent happenings across the nation as regards police brutality. On the other hand, the app can also be used to alert loved ones of other personal safety issues such as domestic abuse, elderly abuse, etc.

An intelligent expert with over 30 years of federal experience working for the U.S. Department of Defense, James has a background in security. In addition to that, he has worked as an engineer, an F-15 fighter pilot, and an Intelligence Analyst. He says that he came up with the idea to develop the app to help prevent and minimize personal and community security issues that often plague urban communities.

What makes the app so different? Users can easily live-stream what’s happening, immediately notify family members and friends of their location on a map (via text and email), and create a secure record of the incident for future references. All of this occurs in real-time via the app. The ANJEL Tech app is cloud-based and geospatially-enabled. 


“My team and I ultimately created this app to help Black moms protect and save their kids’ lives, and help more Black children live and grow into adulthood and meet those expected life milestones such as school graduation, marriage, family/ children, career, homeownership, etc.” James says that the app was created in response to the May 2020 killing of George Floyd.

The ANJEL Tech app can be downloaded now in the iOS App Store, and will soon be available in the Google Play store. If you’d like to learn more about the app; here you go www. ANJEL.tech .