“It’s my fucking household, I’m not holding back!”

‘Zero F**ks Given‘ is a 2020 American stand-up comedy special by Kevin Hart. According to Hart, the special – which was shot in his living room, is going to be “like no other” having “zero filters” and making “zero apologies“. And that he definitely did.

The special was released on Netflix on the 17th of November. Filmed indoors in Hart’s residence, on a stage built in his living room and in front of a small audience of masked and socially distant observers.

Home being where this “Hart” is, he talks a lot about his tales of domesticity, about his wife, his kids – and, yes, his ego. Racking up a lot of mixed reactions to the delicacy of some of the stories he shared. Watching this, you either respect his honesty or, regret his inflated self-regard.

Stories ranging from the fact that his children’s school disrespects his level of fame, to how he gets to jump queues at amusement parks – a privilege he tells his kids he has entirely earned. A popular ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ was him calling his daughter a ‘ho’ because of her successive crushes on boys. In addition, he goes further to ridicule his wife for worrying he might be out getting his “dick sucked”.

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