President-elect Joe Biden might be limping his way into the White House. Over the weekend, he fractured his ankle this weekend playing with his dog.

Joe Biden's Dog

Joe Biden was injured while playing with his German Shepherd, Major. He slipped and twisted his ankle in the process. Out of an abundance of caution, he was examined by an orthopedist Sunday afternoon.

As at 3:11 PM PT the doctor’s report says he suffered a sprain in his right foot – that the X-rays showed no obvious sign of a fracture.

However, as of 5:33 PM, Joe Biden’s sprain developed into a fracture that will have him living the boot life for a good while. The doctor says that although initial X-rays did not show any obvious fracture in his right foot, further imaging from a CT scan confirmed he’d suffered hairline fractures on his lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones – which are in the mid-foot area.

Joe Biden’s doctor adds, “It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks.”

Joe Bidens Broken Leg

Wishing the President-elect a speedy recovery!