The Ahmaud Arbery case stands as another high profile racially charged killing that has gripped the nation.  In the same week that saw Kyle Rittenhouse freed for the killing of two men during a BLM protest in 2020, Arbery might give those who feel that the system is completely unjust a breath of fresh air.

The trial that was televised had tense moments even with the defendants themselves taking the stand.   The thing that stands out about this case is that this was a mostly white Jury that came through with this verdict.

“I was hopeful based on the evidence that we presented in the case that we put forth that the jury would see the truth of what actually took place and bring justice for the Arbery family,” Cobb County senior assistant district attorney Linda Dunikoski said. “After we picked the jury, we looked at them and realized that we had very, very smart, very intelligent, honest jurors who were going to do their job which is to seek the truth. And so, we felt that putting up our case, it doesn’t matter whether they were black or white, that putting up our case that this jury would hear the truth, they would see the evidence and that they would do the right thing and come back with the correct verdict which we felt they did today.”

One main goal for prosecutors Paul Camarillo, Cobb County senior assistant district attorney, said was to simply show that the defendant’s claim of self-defense, simply wasn’t a viable argument.

“We had to show that it did not apply in this case and if they could not get past that hurdle, they never could get to self-defense,” Camarillo said.

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