Higher Picks In The NFL Draft? It's A Win For Minority Coaches

The NFL might have just solved a big problem in the underemployment of minority coaches and General Managers. How? A higher pick in the draft. According to sources in ESPN and, this proposal would see teams improve their draft position; as much as 16 places! Now, that’s a sweet deal.

Under this scheme, a team could see its third-round selection move up 6 spots by hiring a minority coach. It could move up 10 spots with the hiring of a minority General Manager. If a decides to hire both in the same year, then the two would be combined to move up 16 spots. That could allow a team to move that pick from high in the third round to the middle of the second round. However, the improved position would come in the draft before the hire’s second season. So if the person was hired before the 2021 season, the reward would not be in effect until the 2022 draft.

NFL MInority coaches

Furthermore, if the coach or General Manager remains with the team after two seasons, the team will see its fourth-round pick move up five spots in the following draft. The NFL presumably realized this might cause a rapid increase in the demand for minority coaches, that it said; if a minority candidate leaves one team for a head coach or General Manager job, their former team will get a third-round compensatory pick. If the said candidate leaves to become a coordinator, then the former team gets a fifth-round pick; everyone wins!

The offering is expected to be addressed on the 19th of May – next Tuesday; at the virtual owner’s meeting. 24 of the 32 owners would need to approve for it pass into a regulation.

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