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Roberta Hannah, African American student Gets Accepted into All 8 Ivy League Schools

Roberta Hannah, an 18-year old african-american senior student at Springfield High School of Science and Technology in Massachusetts has made history for herself after being accepted into all of the 8 Ivy League schools.

Hannah, a track and field athlete, said she studied hard while taking honors and AP courses to get ready for college, she’s currently getting ready for 7 AP exams. 

Originally, Hannah only wanted to apply to three of the ivy league schools but was encouraged by her mother and sister to apply to all eight, however, Hannah thought she would only get accepted to four but all eight invited her to campus.

“I was really anxious about getting up to the day, and then I started opening the letters, and I was like ‘oh, I keep seeing ‘Yes’, she said.

Hannah gave much-deserved credit to her mom and sister for molding her into the high-achieving student she is today. Her mother, Valerie Williams, who was not able to attend college but she made sure to push her children “a little extra hard” to have the opportunity she didn’t have before.

Hannah has selected Columbia University and will be majoring in Biochemistry and African-American studies. Hannah’s goal is to be a medicinal chemist, she hopes to research and make medicines and make them affordable. “So my goal is to be a medicinal chemist, but with making medicine and kind of the one researching it,” she said. “I want my focus to be on increasing accessibility and making the medicine more affordable.”

Congratulations, Hannah, go and make a difference.

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  1. Valerie Crawford

    Congratulations on a job well done best of everything where ever you go🥰

  2. Susan Shauger

    You are awesome!

  3. Lorie

    Congratulations Hannah!! Research on a care for Lupus.🙏🏽

  4. Cooper Boyd

    How wonderful this story is thanks printing this.

  5. Mary Jackson

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! May blessings follow you. So proud of you.🗣🎊🎉🎊🎊

  6. Joe lopez

    Sweetie, just continue praying my dear. God is on your side . stay for your goal, and you,ll achieve it all. Take care and bye.

  7. Hi Roberta (Monnie) Congratulations on your accomplishments love you this is your gràndmom Rosa from Flà I can tell you how proud and happy to see you made history for yourself this is my phone number please call me. 352-299-1248 any time love y’all so much a lotta catching up to do give mom and Destiny and Josh my love and want to see everyone

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