Taco Bell Fires Employee for Wearing #BlackLivesMatter Face Covering

A Taco Bell employee was fired for his support of Black Lives Matter and posted the whole ordeal on social media. 

Denzel Skinner was fired after 8-years on the job as a Shift Leader at a Taco Bell in Youngstown, Ohio after he refused to take off his BLM face covering. He said Taco Bell did not include anything in its face-covering policy that dictated what can and cannot be printed on a mask. However, when he showed up to work his shift at Taco Bell last week, a manager told him to take the mask off and Denzel refused, citing the mask policy and began to leave when the manager said if he left he would be fired; he continued walking out of the door and was fired.

“All because I got a Black Lives Matter mask on; I get fired,” Skinner said while livestreaming the account on Facebook. “This is crazy.” “You can’t bring politics into the building,” the person can be heard telling Denzel as he left. Denzel further explained that he wore the face cover because the surgical masks provided by the joint to employees proved inadequate in warm conditions. “Taco Bell’s air conditioning had not been working, keeping things hot inside, it was extremely difficult to breathe while wearing the surgical mask,” he said. 

When he walked out, Denzel said a manager told him if he walked out he’d get canned. And, he did. As for why he wore a BLM face covering, Denzel said it was in support of protesting police brutality following George Floyds murder. He said it was important to speak up. 

Reacting to the event, Taco Bell in another report said workers may wear Black Lives Matter merchandise after the video went viral of a former employee at the fast-food chain who said he was fired for wearing a face mask with the slogan. 


Taco Bell said it was “deeply upset” by the incident. “Denzel Skinner should never have been put in this position,” the company tweeted. “We believe the Black Lives Matter movement is a human rights issue and not a political one; We have been in conversations with Denzel and our franchisees to make sure our actions represent our words,” the company added.

Taco Bell says they’ve apologized to Denzel, and also made it clear; “We believe Black Lives Matter.” Starbucks has also reversed its stance on Black Lives Matter slogans. The coffee chain last week allowed workers to wear pins and T-shirts with the slogan, after initially saying it was outside of dress code.

Are we going to battle with wearing #BlackLivesMatter apparels and systemic racism all at once?

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