Ahmaud Arbery's Mother meets trump during white house meeting and finds him to be compassionate

President Donald Trump has saluted Ahmaud Arbery’s mother and described her as a ‘GREAT woman’ after meeting with her and other families behind closed doors following the death of her son who was killed on February 23. 


He expressed the complement in a tweet prior to signing an executive order geared towards reforming the country’s policing tactics. Trump described Wanda Cooper-Jones as being ‘wonderful and loving’ in a tweet, saying “Her son is looking down from heaven and is very proud of his wonderful and loving mom”. 

Arbery, a black man who was shot dead on February 23 after a white father and son pursued him when he jogged past their yard outside the port city in Brunswick, Ga. 

President Trump played host to many families of other victims of racially-charged violence at the White House to discuss a number of topics with the President. 

Reacting to the meeting with the President, Cooper-Jones wished Trump’s order had gone further, but she considered the reforms to be a promising start. Cooper-Jones felt that the executive order signed by Trump wasn’t enough when addressing the long documented history of police brutality and racism in the country; ‘But I do think that it’s a start,’ she added.